If you login to access CryEngine 3 SDK but got an error message that said your account is locked. This can be happen if CryEngine 3 SDK crashes, doesn't close properly, and any other problems.

To unlock please visit Crydev Forums, then follow these steps:

1. Login or register. (You can login to Crydev while your CryEngine 3 SDK account is locked.)

2. Navigate to Forum › CryENGINE 3 › Sandbox 3 Editor › Tools Feedback & Support › Free SDK - Account Locked?.

3. Post about your account being locked in CryEngine 3 SDK.

4. Please wait few hours while a community manager in Crydev Forums to unlock your CryEngine 3 SDK account. If your account is still locked, please wait and wait until a community manager replies your post (occasionally).

5. Login again in CryEngine 3 SDK to ensure your account is unlocked by a community manager.